I grew up on Lake Michigan, have been riding since I was a child, and have always wanted to attempt a circumnavigation of the lake, relying only on the gear and resources I carried with. Enough procrastinating - before turning 30 this fall, this trip is going down, and I wanted an efficient way to track progress, share updates & have a permanent resource for others interested in attempting the same, or similar trips in the region. To do this, I've built a static page highlighting routes, campsites, cycling stores, regional map files, etc., along with this update blog to aggregate all Twitter updates tagged with #bikelakemichigan and these longer form entries to document the process. The long term goal is to host my experience, and provide a resource that will continue to accumulate insight from other cyclists as they comment and tag content with #bikelakemichigan. With the system for posting updates and documenting the process just about in place, the focus now is on finalizing a gear list.