The focus of the web presence for this trip is two-fold: track our progress during the trip, and share resources for other cyclists who attempt similar rides in the future.

The website is broken into a few different sections, starting with a fairly detailed mapcontaining a variety of relevant points and tracks plotted. These primarily consist of potential campsites, regional maps available for download, local cycling stores, and other relevant local reference points, designed to be useful even if the visitor's interest is smaller scale than a full circumnavigation. (In Chicago, Divvy bike sharing stations are plotted.) This map is built using Google's Fusion Tables - a powerful and relatively simple tool for plotting and sharing data-sets.

One priority for this trip was to raise awareness for local environmental initiatives, specifically relevant to the health of the Great Lakes. A few prominent organizations are featured and my intent is to publish facts/insight from these groups, throughout and after the trip.

In addition to featuring these organizations, there is a section for highlighting local bike shops that have publicly, financially or promotionally supported these, or other relevant organizations. This is also useful for having shop contact details readily available throughout the trip, in case of unexpected projects.

Having hard copies of maps available is always useful for any ride, but finding high quality, local maps can be cumbersome. The Maps section is designed to be a quick resource for downloading all or individual maps for regions along the perimeter of Lake Michigan.

The Resources section will continue to expand as I come across other useful touring sites and blogs - those listed are a sampling that I've found to be particularly useful so far.

Lastly, I've included a couple links to connect people to shared media and conversations related cycling along Lake Michigan - using the hashtag #bikelakemichigan on any uploaded Flickr image, or in any Tweets will be visible via those links. I anticipate updates to either network will consist mostly of mine for the short term, but hopefully they'll start catching contributions from others as well.